About the Doctor

At Back in Motion Chiropractic, we understand the natural anxiety some may feel when visiting a new Chiropractor or medical provider of any kind.

Many times you are treated like a number in a waiting room rather than a person.  You become identified by your pain or health problem, rather than being the husband, wife, daughter, grandfather – the individual who needs our help to get back into the swing of things.

Dr. Brian Moreland is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (DACRB).

With over eight years of chiropractic experience, his main goal is to help his patients live an active and healthy life.  You can learn more about Dr. Moreland’s education, certifications, and affiliations on his Curriculum Vitae page.

Westmoreland County’s Hometown Chiropractor

Dr. Moreland originally started serving the people of Westmoreland and Fayette Counties working at a practice in Mount Pleasant, but felt a strong desire to return to his hometown of Latrobe.  Dr. Brian R. Moreland established Back In Motion Chiropractic in Latrobe in October 2008 to give back to the community in which he was raised.

The Activator

The Activator technique is quick, easy, and painless. This method helps restore spinal health and body mechanics safely. It is perfect for children, pregnant women, and the elderly because it is so gentle and not intimidating.

Learn more on our Activator page.

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For headache relief, back pain relief, chronic pain relief, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, and more, you owe it to yourself to try Back in Motion Chiropractic.

Dr. Moreland made a name for himself, not only from the great results he has been able to achieve with his patients clinically, but also professionally because of his extensive background and certification using the low-force Activator adjusting and rehabilitation.  These credentials make Dr. Moreland a sought-after expert witness for local attorneys and speaker for various civic groups and organizations.

Advanced Proficiency in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique

Dr. Moreland has the highest level of certification, Advanced Proficiency status, in the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique.  Dr. Moreland is an associate clinical instructor for Activator; making him one of the youngest doctors ever awarded the honor of becoming an instructor for the technique.

Dr. Moreland’s clinical expertise and advancements in research led to his appointment as an instructor to teach chiropractors from around the world how to improve their clinical and adjusting skills.

Striving for Excellence

In addition, Dr. Moreland has dedicated himself to continuing his education so that he is knowledgeable in every aspect of chiropractic and rehabilitation.  He goes above and beyond the recommended hours per year. 

“I put in the time, effort, and sacrifice,” said Dr. Moreland.  “I want to be the best.”

Most patients have no knowledge of his extensive education, certification, and specialization – they don’t know what the D.C. or the D.A.C.R.B. after his name mean - they experience Dr. Moreland as a friendly, outgoing person that is going to be completely honest with them about their chiropractic care. 

Curriculum Vitae

To learn more about Dr. Moreland’s specific training, education, and affiliations, visit his Curriculum Vitae page.

Take advantage of having an expert chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist in your backyard and call Back in Motion Chiropractic today at 724-537-5266.


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