Becky Clark

Greensburg, PA

I met Dr. Moreland about three years ago at the gym I managed.  I had been to a chiropractor once before and wasn’t impressed.   I had a whole list of complaints about my previous experience, and Dr. Moreland listened patiently before explaining why he was different.   Activator adjusting seemed like a good option for me since one of my complaints was that I didn’t like manual manipulation.   

Soon after I met Dr. Moreland, I had a flare-up of IT band syndrome, something I had struggled with for years.   I had gone to physical therapy a few years before, but that hadn’t helped. I decided to give chiropractic treatment another try.  During my first appointment, Dr. Moreland took the time to explain what my treatment would involve.  Because he wanted to see me three days a week at first, I really appreciated the efficiency with which I was moved through my appointments.  I no longer have the stabbing pain in my thigh.  I occasionally have, what I call, an awareness of my IT band…not pain or even discomfort…something just doesn’t feel quite right.  I immediately seek treatment and it’s always better with one adjustment.     

Something else that really impresses me about Dr. Moreland is his commitment to getting his patients better.  Most Chiropractors do not have his level of education in rehabilitation, but adding rehab leads to more permanent results. Because I was working in the fitness business, I saw people get injured, seek chiropractic care, and end up with the same injury as soon as they were released back to normal activity.  Dr. Moreland’s patients are given the tools to strengthen their weakness and actually correct the problem, preventing recurring injury.   

I’ve also had the added benefit of working with Dr. Moreland, and seeing first-hand what a difference he makes in people’s lives.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of his patients, and like me, many of them had seen other Chiropractors, had also been frustrated with the endless visits with no clear plan, and lack of progress. Most importantly, like me, they were happy that they were finally getting better.

Becky Clark,
Greensburg, PA


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