John Clark

Greensburg, PA

Two years ago I was suffering from constant severe pain in my lower back - the result of a ruptured lumbar disc and two others that were about to go.  I was taking pain killers every day just to cope with the pain, and was having great difficulty with the simplest of activities.  I had seen a number of doctors, and was told that the only thing that would help me was surgery.  I searched for alternatives to surgery, including massage, acupuncture, and weeks of physical therapy, but I wasn't getting better.   

My wife suggested chiropractic care because she had seen Dr. Moreland and was impressed with the results.  Because I was from a family of medical doctors and nurses, I had always considered chiropractic care kind of like voodoo and was skeptical, but I figured I had nothing to lose, and I really did not want to have surgery.  So I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Moreland.   

On my first visit Dr. Moreland spent time asking me questions about my symptoms, what medications I was taking, the extent of the pain, what kind of activities aggravated the pain, etc.  He explained what he was going to do and showed me how the activator works.  He examined my back and range of motion, and then went through a series of simple movements with me, each time using the activator to adjust my back in some way.  The adjustment felt so subtle that again I was skeptical that it could do anything – I had “big pain” and figured I needed “big adjustment” to fix it – this thing felt like it wasn't doing anything at all.  Dr. Moreland finished with the adjustment in about 10 minutes and had me go through a couple of therapies, including electric stimulation of the muscles in my lower back.  Again, it felt so subtle that I was skeptical that it could be effective.  He scheduled me for further adjustment 3 times a week for a couple of weeks.   

I was careful to keep my appointments with Dr. Moreland, as I wanted to follow through with what I had started, even though I wasn't sure it would help.  After two weeks of treatment I noticed that I still had pain, but I had improved range of motion and had only taken pain killers occasionally in the last week rather than the daily regimen I had been used to.  Dr. Moreland cut me back to twice a week for a couple more weeks, then down to once a week.  After 3 weeks I had significant improvement in pain and motion, and my skepticism was replaced with an enthusiastic motivation to continue treatment – it was working!   

It has been two years since my initial visit to Dr. Moreland.  I have not had any surgery or any other type of treatment in that time.  I go to see him once every 4-6 weeks now to get adjusted and to maintain the positive gains I had made.  I still have bouts of pain with my back, but these are always associated with doing something I shouldn't have, and may require 3-4 more frequent visits.  This is always sufficient to get me pain-free and back to normal activity levels again.  I no longer view chiropractic care as “voodoo”.  Rather, I am a strong proponent, and especially for the type of focused, tailored care that Dr. Moreland provides.  It works.

September 2011  


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