Barbara Miller

Delmont, PA    


I have been treating with Dr. Moreland since 2003, when he graduated from chiropractic school, and started working for another doctor in Mount Pleasant.  I donít mind driving a distance to see him because I really like the Activator technique, and also like the fact that he is well-educated in this technique.  As a retired RN, I like the science and research behind this method.  Itís precise, gentle, and accurate, and I donít see any sense in manual manipulation when the Activator technique is so specific.   

I like that Dr. Moreland really cares about his patients, and isnít focused on making money.   I have been to other chiropractors who seem to only care about the money, and about pushing products that I didnít need.  When Dr. Moreland recommends something, he explains why it would help, but he never makes me feel pressured into buying anything.   He offered to loan me a Backtivator seat cushion when I asked him about it.  I liked it so much that I purchased one during my next visit, but it was nice to have the opportunity to try it first.  Dr. Moreland is very knowledgeable about supplements, and Iíve found great benefit in the Douglas Labs products he has recommended.  I have been a fan of Biofreeze for years, and have purchased it from him several times.   

What I like most about Dr. Moreland is that he is focused on helping people feel better and fixing their injuries.  He always takes a lot of time with me, and I never feel rushed.  I appreciate him treating me like a person and a friend instead of just a number.  He even referred me to another Activator chiropractor when I was on vacation in Florida.  I have recommended several family members to Dr. Moreland and they are all very satisfied with his care as well.

August 2011  


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