Anna Margaret Mosso

Latrobe, PA    

 Anna Mosso          

Dr. Moreland was recommended to me by my husband, Joe, and a personal friend of the family, who had treated with Dr. Moreland and had been impressed with the combination of the Activator technique and therapies.  When I fell and injured my back and shoulder this summer, I was in a great deal of pain.  It was then that I remembered about Dr. Moreland, and decided to see him.  I was really surprised and happy that he made the time to see me right away, and didn’t keep me waiting when I arrived at the office.   

The treatment with the Activator and electric muscle stimulation was very successful for me.  Between treatments, I used the ice pack and BioFreeze that Dr. Moreland had given me on my first visit, and I will always keep those on hand.  I felt better with each treatment, and I improved enough to be released from care after just a few visits.  In 3-4 weeks, I even noticed that it was much easier to get out of bed and do my daily chores.  I am really enjoying my pain-free life.

I will recommend the Activator technique to anyone who needs chiropractic care.   Thank you, Dr. Moreland, for your kindness and gentle care.   

August 2011  


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