Matthew Sleppy, DC

Indiana, PA


I have known Dr. Brian Moreland for over 12 years, and have seen his transition from chiropractic student to chiropractic clinician to Doctor of Chiropractic and rehabilitative expert.

For a couple of years during chiropractic school, every health talk given in the outpatient clinics of the largest chiropractic school in the world was delivered by either Brian or me.  It was during these years that Brian developed the desire to educate people about the benefits of chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle.

This desire to educate patients and not just treat them has carried over into his professional practice.  Rather than rely on Brian to fix their injuries, Dr. Moreland empowers his patients to take an active role in improving their health and healing their injuries through the use of rehabilitative exercise.  It is this role as educator that makes Dr. Moreland different than most chiropractors.  Educating patients takes time, and Brian takes that extra time because that is what he feels is necessary to keep people healthy.  I imagine that this is one of the main reasons Dr. Moreland’s patients are so satisfied with the care they receive and refer so many of their loved ones to seek care from him.

Dr. Moreland is a specialist at what he does.  Brian decided early on in his education that he liked the Activator Methods system of adjusting because it was gentle, effective, and highly researched.  Brian attained the highest certification in the technique, published research for the technique, and was also invited to become an associate clinical instructor for the Activator technique. 

Similar to his specialization with the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique, Dr. Moreland also dedicated hundreds of hours to become Board-certified as a specialist in rehabilitation.  Brian tries to empower all of his patients to maintain their positive results after they are released from care.  Rather than take a cookie-cutter approach towards rehab, where each patient does the same set of exercises, Dr. Moreland customizes a rehabilitation plan for each patient to address their specific weaknesses or goals.  Exercises that may be helpful for one condition can be harmful for a different condition.  Dr. Moreland’s knowledge of which specific exercises will give his patients the best possible results is what sets him apart from other chiropractors and physical therapists in the Latrobe area.

Dr. Moreland draws patients from a much larger geographic area than most chiropractors because of his specialization.  His use of the Activator technique, low-level laser therapy and rehabilitation is a unique combination not seen in many chiropractic offices.  More so than his educational background or high-tech therapies though, I think Dr. Moreland’s greatest asset is his genuine concern to get patients better.


Matthew Sleppy, DC Sleppy Chiropractic - Indiana, PA


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