Rebecca Temple

Acme, PA

I began seeing Dr. Moreland in 2008 after I was involved in a car accident where I was badly injured, injuries that included a broken neck.  For months after the incident I was limited in my mobility and affected by severe pain.  I had visited my orthopedic doctor, and his response was “it will go away in time”.  I had difficulty doing anything from dressing myself to watching television.

My mother had been going to Dr. Moreland, and suggested I pay him a visit.  I was skeptical, as I had had other encounters with chiropractors that had been less than effective, but desperate to make any sort of headway with my recovery, I went.

Dr. Moreland and I planned a treatment plan and began our work.  The Activator Method was essential, as I could not really move.  After a few weeks, I began to recover.  I could lift my arms, and was energized by how I felt.  It was an amazing feeling.

Throughout my life I have moved out of the area and was forced to find other chiropractors.  I went to a few that employed different methods, with varying degrees of success.  Eventually, I just began to commute back to Dr. Moreland whenever I was able, as I was never able to find another doctor that was as friendly, professional, and most importantly, effective and capable in their ability to treat and heal.

I am still treated at Dr. Moreland’s office to this day, but his treatment is so effective that I am able to go on an at-will basis, which works with my schedule and budget.  

March 2012


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