Corinne Vojtko

State College, PA

I have had really bad neck pain and headaches for a lot of years.  I found a chiropractor in State College that I really liked, but then he retired.  I tried a few other chiropractors after that, but I just didn’t care for them all that much.  

During one of my trips back to Latrobe to see my friends and family, my neck was bothering me so terribly that I felt that I really needed to get an adjustment before I drove back to State College.  My best friend suggested that I call her chiropractor, Dr. Brian Moreland.  I knew Dr. Moreland since we graduated from Greater Latrobe together, but it was a Sunday.  My friend then told me that she had Dr. Moreland’s cell phone number in case there was ever an emergency.  I felt awkward having my friend call him on a Sunday, but Dr. Moreland said that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to meet me at his office to give me a treatment so that I could get home safely.  

I was really impressed that he would come in on his day off to treat me, especially when neither he nor I thought I would ever be back for a second visit.  I felt so good after getting adjusted by the Activator that I just couldn’t believe it.  

That was about a year ago, and I am proud to say that I now try to see Dr. Moreland every time that I am back in Latrobe.  I have suggested that Dr. Moreland open a satellite office in State College, but he explained that Pitt graduates simply can’t do such a thing!  Dr. Moreland’s sense of humor always brings a smile to my face and helps to ease my discomfort.

August 2011  


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