Arlene Zelenske

Ligonier, PA

Iíve been to many chiropractors throughout the years and I truly believe in them, but Iíve never really liked getting my neck adjusted.   I was in terrible pain and had vertigo really badly when a friend suggested that I see Dr. Moreland.  She told me that he was and Activator doctor, and explained that it was a much gentler approach compared to manual manipulation, particularly for someone who didnít like having their neck adjusted.  I was willing to try anything for my pain and vertigo.   

That was almost a year ago, and after only 3 treatments with the Activator and therapies, my pain was gone.  I now go every three weeks for maintenance care and treatment for vertigo, which is much better than before.   

I tell people about Dr. Moreland, and would recommend him.  I never have to wait long for treatment with the doctor or for therapy, and appreciate the fact that he values my time.  He truly cares about making you feel better and he did!!!!

August 2011  


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